Quality Policy.

Company Quality Policy has been implemented through the achievement of quality objectives, procedures and instructions (as applicable) that cover all elements of the Quality Standards in ISO 9001: 2015. The quality of service provided by the Company is related to good operating procedures.


The company's executives, to improve its position in the market, have it tailored company organization to the core standards of this certification sector to show its commitment to providing products that deliver the most:

a) the guarantee of compliance with the relevant legislation

b) Product safety and standards

c) meeting customer requirements

d) the ability to continue the continuous improvement of the efficiency of the quality management system.

This adaptation enables:

1. Enhance the image of the company as quality, credible, modern, competitive, participatory, protecting the interests of the customer and the staff.

2. Strengthens the organization of the company with trained, qualified, competent and motivated resources, tools and personnel.

3. Improving the level of service of the products offered to increase the satisfaction of the Customer and the Final Consumers.

• The company aims to improve customer satisfaction, reducing the inconsistencies resulting from internal processes through:

1. Maintenance planning

2. Personnel training

All functions are called for co-operation to achieve the aforementioned planned objectives for the sectors that are within their competencies.

5.2 Policy

Production Manager has developed the Quality Policy, defined in section 3.0 above, that governs day-to-day operations to ensure quality.

The Quality Policy is released as a standalone document as well, and is communicated and implemented throughout the organization.

The Quality Policy of J.P.K. Elisson-Atlantis is as follows: