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since 1957

Stainless steel vertical turbine pumps

Our long collaboration with marine aquaculture industry has made our company an excellent choice for providing top quality and corrosion-resistant pumps able to tolerate tough conditions such as sea water pumping.

About Us

“J.P.K. elisson - atlantis” is a manufacturers company specialized in constructing submersible and vertical turbine pumps, as well as high complexity mechanical structures.

The company was founded in 1957 at Argos, traded after the name ”ΚΑ-ΛΑ” by Mr. Ioannis Kalatzis who was one of the pioneers in liquid pumping constructions of Greece. In 1979 the company was transformed after the brand name “atlantis pumps” under the general management of Mr. Georgios Kalatzis. Over the years, the company has been evolved to a state of the art business with private quality control and testing facilities which can guarantee the high standards of our pumps. Keeping up with the constantly evolving demands of the society, investing to research and development of new and innovative products, has been one of our primer goals. In 2015, our company was shaped to its current administrative and productive structure under the brand name “J.P.K. elisson – atlantis” and general management by Mr. Ioannis Kalatzis, who continues on the successful route of liquid pumping systems for the 3rd generation.

“J.P.K. elisson - atlantis” aims to release competitive products always combined with the highest quality of construction. The many years of experience and the high level of specialization in water pumping systems make our company able to offer a vast range of both vertical turbine pumps and submersible pumps with metered volume provisions between Q=5 m3/h - Q= 1500 m3/h and Q= 10 m3/h Q= 250 m3/h, respectively. Our products can be suitable for a total manometric head up to 430 m.

Being manufacturers, we are able to customize our products so that they fit exactly to our clients’ demands configuring accordingly the details and technical features.

The products and services of “J.P.K. elisson - atlantis” have various applications in the agricultural, industrial and private sector, as well as in special cases such as the provision of sea water in aquaculture industry, since all our pump types can be also made of stainless steel 304 L & 316 L.

The strong bonds of trust between “J.P.K. elisson - atlantis” and its clients have made us a broadly reliable company in both Greek and abroad markets. Private companies and individuals as well as public sector’s agencies have honored us with their confidence. Showing a strongly extroverted profile, our company has managed so far to successfully disseminate and export our products to Egypt, France, Malta, Pakistan, Albania, Australia and the list goes on.